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Tolkien LOTR - War of the Ring Collector's Edition

Highly Anticipated - LIMITED EDITION - War of the Ring Collector's Edition set in Tolkien's Lord of the Ring Universe


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  • Highly Anticipated - LIMITED EDITION
  • In a gorgeously painted wooden and resin box expertly crafted to resemble an ancient elven tome
  • An updated game board, 25% larger than that of the standard edition
  • Individual velvet-lined compartments, which accommodate the games many components
  • 246 exquisitely hand-painted miniatures - Including a never-before-seen Nazgul figure
  • This game was designed by true lovers of Tolkien's literature and it shows. Its game mechanics ingeniously capture the struggle for Middle Earth in a deeply satisfying 2-3 hour game of political, military and moral battles. Can the Free Peoples hold off the onslaught of Sauron's forces long enough for the ring-bearers to destroy the ring? Will the Shadow player be able to doom the ring quest by whittling down the companions and corrupting the ring-bearer? Will the fragmented free nations rise up and unite against the incursion of evil, or will they fall one by one?

    You are looking at this game because J. R. R. Tolkien fired your imagination and enriched the world of human ideas with his masterpieces of fantasy literature. No movie or board game can fully capture his vision, but this one comes astonishingly close, in a package that you will be truly proud to possess and play.
  • set in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Universe